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Ringdoll new release: Little red riding hood No.13.
Full set includes:

1.Little Red Riding Hood’s body is Ringdoll’s latest teenager girl body - RTGbody60-3
(detailed pictures will be released next month)
2.Iron Madien is not included in the fullset,please order separately
(extra shipping cost need to be added)
3.White skin and normal skin are for option
4.First 30 purchasers can get Ringdoll’s sold out item—-Vampire Mask for free
(Please check with Ringdoll official if you get it after purchase from Ringdoll’s website)
5.The first 10 purchase Iron Maiden separately can get free shipping for it
6.The cross in the pictures is not included in the fullset
Free gifts:Ringdoll radom gift+postcard*2+sticker*2
Skype: sales.ringdoll

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Garters cant be all that hard to make…

I’m just debating if it’d be inexpensive to make them rather than buy them, but knowing my skills with a sewing machine (none existent), it’d probably cost me much more…


Witch Photography by Christopher Mckenney

Nightmare Photography

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accessories make all the difference. #mossmarchen #voodooodolly #pizzicatokei

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“everyone has their off days” I tell myself 15 days in a row

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"Must have your own computer and software."

Please tell me you’re not implying I need a laptop …


Suehiro Maruo done his own version of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and it’s awesome !

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Scanned from: A Complete Guide To Special Effects Makeup

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 Signe Vilstrup

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I found the sticker!


KUROI YUME | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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hey here’s a reminder

you’ve made it this far when it comes to art, you’ve improved so much compared to where you started, and you’ve got it in you to make it a whole lot further

don’t let your nagging self hatred get to you, just keep drawing, keep working.  you’re gonna be fine!

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Little bat

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persephone, the dread queen of the underworld

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