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I REALLY wish one of my flaws wasnt “Misplaces Things More often than You’d like.”


My sister gave me her PS3 a couple months ago, and I hadn’t plugged it in since I’ve gotten it.

Now that I have something to play, I can’t seem to find my power cable for it.

I seem to have the best luck.-blink-

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Thores Shibamoto [Fabrica Theologiae] - Trinity Blood is one of my fave series of all time, and Thores’ work is stunning~

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I still have a phobia of worms…

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#Golems are from #Jewish #folklore. A #humanoid made from #clay with the word “#emet” (truth) carved on the #forehead to bring it to life. To kill the golem, one had to erase a letter to form “met”, death. Preserved Golem by Alex CF. #Love the inclusion of the #torah. by forgottenruins

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In the endless void of nothing,we are alive. Spill blood and burn flesh. Break all the circles,rob all the graves. For The End. MII BLH

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